Bride and groom topper

An old friend of mine was getting married and on a whim I suggested that I could make a bride and groom topper as her wedding present, although I've not attempted to make figurines before.

To make them extra special, I asked the bride to send me pictures of the dress so I could customise the design, sample of this is below.

Also consulted online tutorials on how to make figurines, and found the tutorial from Artisan cake company the most useful:

After making the brides head three times and the grooms body three times, I was finally satisfied with how they look.




Portrait of us

I keep hesitating in posting up my next sketch as its very personal and I feel rather vulnerable to release this to the World Wide Web. It's a sketch of one of my favourite photo's of my then fiancé and myself a couple of weeks before our wedding, I just love how the picture captures the way we felt. A happy peacefulness that we share now that we've found each other…



Minicooper car cake

I woke up one Saturday and wanting to prolong the weekend sleep in I started watching YouTube videos in bed and stumbled across the following video tutorial:

The video show cases the skills of talented cake artist Elizabeth Marek who has taken the time to put together a wonderful tutorial on creating a vintage car cake topper. After watching the video I was inspired and feeling ambitious and decided take on the challenge of creating a 3D car cake. I've only started cake decorating a little over a year ago as a hobby and have never dabbled in 3D cakes before but her step by step video really made me feel confident enough to experiment.

Wanting to take baby steps, I consulted my husband as to which would be a distinctive but easy car shape to base my first 3D cake on and decided on the Minicooper convertible. After many, many, many hours, here's the finished result….

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The secret art of kissing

Look cute. And inviting….and try not to appear too desperate.

A dear friend gave my husband and I a sweet book called The Secret Art of Kissing when we got engaged, it's filled with pictures of animals gently nudging each other, with simple instructions on how to execute that perfect kiss. On its cover are two fluffy owls, one with its head coyly cocked to one side looking as though it is blushing after having had a kiss stolen from an admirer.

I love owls, perhaps it's because of their big innocent looking eyes, the haunting hooting sound they make, there's something quite ethereal about them that makes me feel peaceful. This is today's inspiration for my next digital drawing, and in colour this time.

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My first digital sketch

I’ve never blogged before. And this is my first ever entry into this vast place called the Internet. It’s somewhat daunting, but here it goes….

My first entry is also my first attempt at digital sketching. My husband bought me an iPad mini for my 31st birthday and in it he installed “53 papers”. its a fun application that allows you to sketch and paint using different brush types. Its so simple to use, the watercolour feature blends colours beautifully but for my first drawing I decided to keep it simple and do a sketch. As I’m about to embark on a trip to Tanzania to go on safari so I decided to draw a lion. I had no idea where to begin so I youtubed it and much to my delight found a video. Speaking of the internet, it can be so full of noise and distraction that some experts feel are changing the way humans are wired, making us have shorter attention spans, learning to absorb information in 125 characters or less. But the Internet can also be an awesome place to discover, learn and be inspired by people that create wonderful content. Today’s lesson comes from the following site:

Three hours later….here’s my version of the lion

My first digital sketch using Paper by 53

My first digital sketch using Paper by 53